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Can you Refinance an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Refinance and ARM

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is an excellent choice for many homebuyers. However, one worry you may have about this mortgage type is what if the rate raises higher than you’re comfortable paying.


You may wonder, “can I refinance my adjustable rate mortgage?”

Refinancing is an option

First, know that...

5 Tips for the Perfect Retaining Wall

John and I wanted to build a retaining wall to help with our flooding issues. The way the land is formed around our house creates a lot of flood zones and it’s something we needed to address rather quickly. In addition to building the retaining wall we also installed a couple of French drains, but that is a entirely different blog post.

5 Tips for the Perfect Retaining Wall


Living with Renovation Dust Clean Up Tips

Home Renovation Dust Clean Up TipsStarting a renovation project inside your home is exciting for many reasons. The biggest reason is that whatever you’re renovating will be seen more often by you since you typically spend more time inside your home. The biggest drawback with renovating inside your home is the amount of dust that...

Tips for Living with Renovation Dust

Before our home renovation project took off we used a small room that was perfect for housing all of our tools and equipment. John organized the room nicely, complete with a pegboard of hooks. It was photograph and magazine publication worthy of the perfect nook with anything you could think of to complete any home project. I regret not documenting this moment, but I digress. 


The Secret to Getting Your Offer Accepted in a Seller's Market

Purchasing a home is a significant goal for many people. There is nothing that feels better than signing that paperwork, moving in your belongings and turning a house into YOUR home. The current economic climate has turned most areas of the country into a seller’s market. That’s great when you are selling, but if you are looking to buy a place and make it your home, it can be tough. It may...


Pre- Pre-Approval - Five Steps to Help You Get Approved

You’ve probably heard the (admittedly smart) advice from many--”Make sure you get pre-approved before you begin shopping for a home!” or “Don’t think about putting in an offer on a house without a pre-approval letter in hand.” However, getting pre-approved may seem like a tricky matter and the idea a bit overwhelming. In reality, preapproval is NOT that bad! You’ll be...


Comparing Loans - FHA Vs. Conventional

When you are shopping for a home, you are likely focused on finding the right place—a home that meets your needs and has some of your wants, in a convenient location. However, just as important is making sure that the mortgage you choose to pay for this home will not cause you undue stress—today or in the future.

While there are numerous options from which to...

Home Renovation Inspiration: What to Look for in an Independent Contractor

It can be really hard to find an independent contractor that is reliable and that you can trust. We have gone through a handful of contractors and we understand how hard it can be to find quality workmanship. If you’re like us and you’re renovating your home by yourself, one independent contractor to help can make a BIG difference!

We found our independent contractor, Harry, after a long series of searching. A family friend referred Harry to us during a conversation, recalling how our...

What Does "Buying Points" on a Mortgage Mean?

mortgage points

If you've been shopping for a home for any length of time, chances are you've learned a bit about mortgages. One thing that comes up very often when you're shopping for a mortgage is something called mortgage points or discount points. Understanding what these are and what they do, can help you make a smart decision when you sign the papers and have to pay your mortgage each month....


HELOC - An Acronym Everyone Should Know

When you are looking over your household finances, you probably come across a lot of acronyms. APR, FDIC, IRS--the list goes on and on. However, there is one acronym that you will want to know for sure, that acronym is HELOC. Let us show you what a HELOC is, and how it can make a big difference in your everyday life.

The letters HELOC stand for Home Equity Line Of Credit. A HELOC is a type of...


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